It’s very important for ponds to be cleaned out at least once a year. The best time of year for this is mid February through late May. Although, we can schedule a clean-out whenever it’s needed. The inclement weather of fall and winter inevitably will wreak havoc on a pond, dropping leaves and debris into it. If the leaves and debris don’t get cleaned out, the natural breakdown of this organic matter can cause poor water quality and become toxic for fish.

When Pond Crazy cleans a pond & waterfall, we catch your fish and put them in our holding tanks with aerators to keep them happy, we power wash everything from the top of the spillway to the bottom of the basin, and then we take the muck out. We check your pump to make sure it’s free of debris and working properly. We cut back any overgrown aquatic plants. We clean your biological filter and replace old filter media if necessary. After we’ve thoroughly cleaned the pond, we will refill it and add chlorine remover and organic beneficial bacteria and carefully put your fish back into their super clean pond.

Your pond will look like new when Pond Crazy is finished with it. Contact us for your complete pond or pondless clean out!