Many pond owners are unfamiliar with fall netting. During fall, the leaves will begin falling from the trees, and will land in your pond. Fall netting is primarily used to keep the leaves out of the water, but can also give the fish protection against predators. New pond owners often wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to fall netting, but the procedure is done for many important reasons.

The presence of leaves and debris in your pond is unsightly, can clog filters, and tint your water a dark brown. Besides these visible issues, leaves and debris can create much more serious problems most pond owners don’t notice. As they decompose, the leaves will emit various toxins into the water which will endanger the lives of your fish, while causing the growth of algae. This effect is compounded when the pond is frozen over, as there is nowhere for the gasses built up to escape. Many pond owners think that the death of their fish during winter is a result of the cold, when in reality, it is due to excess debris that is poisoning the water.

For fall nettings we recommend a stronger netting with a smaller mesh to catch as much debris as possible, and handle the weight of everything We use high-quality netting, which we cut to the size of your pond. We also build a custom PVC frame, which arcs over your pond and supports the netting. The PVC frame creates strength, prevents sagging, and results in a more professional look. The arc shape lets leaves fall to the side for easy cleanup, and gives any plants or other protruding objects plenty of room underneath. Contact Pond Crazy for your fall netting services today!